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Partnering with others in the space
who share our commitment to brain research.

Brain Canada is committed to working with funding partners with interests across the entire range of neurological diseases and injuries, mental illnesses and addictions.

Why partner with us

Established track record of success developing, implementing, and managing transformative, original and outstanding research programs.


More than 90% of funding goes directly to research.


Open, transparent, international peer-review process


A Science Advisory Council composed of Canadian and international experts


Every dollar is matched by the federal government on a 1:1 basis


Network of researchers, reviewers,
business leaders, partners, donors,
patients, families, and policy-makers
from Canada and around the world


Announced in Budget 2016,
Health Canada committed an additional
$20 million to be matched, bringing
the Canada Brain Research Fund
to a total of $240 million

We are proud to count 94 research institutions, provincial agencies and health charities as strategic, intellectual and financial partners—resulting in a more coordinated, collaborative brain community. Together we will have an impact on the lives of all Canadians.